About Us

Our company, Knabber Helden GmbH, specializes in creatiing a delightful assortment of healthy freeze-dried snacks that satisfy both the palate and the pursuit of well being.

Why we are best:

“At Knabber Helden, we believe that true excellence results from a harmonious blend of the finest ingredients and the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our products are crafted according to the highest Austrian measures – where quality isn’t just met; it’s mastered.”

What makes us unique?

Good and Valuable

All ingredients, especially the oxygen – and heat-sensitive vitamins, remain almost unchanged.

Genuine and hearty

By removing water down to a maximum of 4% residual moisture, only the pure fruit essence remains.

Perfect consistency

Not leathery or tough, but airy crispy.

100 % fruit

Free of aditives, low in calories, low in sugar, and minimally processed.

Intense aroma

The well-preserved structure gives an idea. But only those who  taste it will taste it Рjust like ripe fruits.

Natural Color

Thanks to the particularly gentle freeze-drying, the fresh colour is retained.